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Can I only use a license code once?
Yes, a single license code can only be used to register a single copy on a single computer. After using the license code it becomes completely useless.
How can I transfer my license to another computer?
We have created a guide specifically for helping users transfer their license.

You can click here to view the guide.
Why has my previously registered copy reverted to the trial version?
Your copy may have reverted to the trial version for a few reasons, all of them being very rare. See the list below.
  1. Restoration of your system prior to the date you registered may have caused license files to be removed. To fix this, please contact us.
  2. Any modifications done to your system's registry may have caused license files to be removed. To fix this, please contact us.
  3. Any upgrade of hardware in your system may have caused the license files to change. To fix this, please contact us.
If one of the above possibilities pertains to your situation, we will provide you with a tool to reinstate your license with ease.
My PC with the full version has died - I need to put the full version on my new PC, how?
If you were unable to use the license transfer feature (See #2 Above) prior to the PC dying out, please just contact us with proof of purchase (License Code/Order ID) and we will provide you with a new license code for no cost and disable the old one.
I'm having trouble loading the installer, why is this?
You may have trouble opening the installer if you do not have Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 installed onto your system. Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 is very easy to install. See options below.
Don't understand? Ran into an issue? Contact us.
How can I uninstall?
We have created a guide specifically for helping users uninstall the software.

You can click here to view the guide.
I'm unhappy and want a refund, how can I get my money back?
Due to the fact that we offer a free trial version which allows you to see what 360 Computer Maid can do for your system, there's no reason why we can offer a refund to anybody who wants it. We are willing to refund your money if there is a complete valid circumstance for it. We strive to make all of our customers happy so if you really think you deserve a refund, please contact us, and we can work out a deal.
I have been charged twice or more, can I get some help?
On a very rare occasion there may be a flaw in our system where you may have been charged more than once. If this occurs, please contact us, and we will get the issue resolved immediately.
I did not receive my Backup CD, what's up?
We are sorry to hear that you may have not yet received your package. There is an extremely small chance your package has gotten lost in the mix somewhere along the line. If there is proof that the package has shipped, there is sadly nothing we can do about the issue. Please note that the package can take up to a month to receive, depending on your location.
I am not receiving any email reports for scheduled scans, what's up?
This may occur if your email client is recognizing our email report as spam or junk. Depending on your mail client, you must add '' to the safe senders list. This may also occur if the scan finishes when there is no internet connection available.
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