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360 Computer Maid is simple yet powerful. Read below how the software does its job.

Increase overall responsiveness

360 Computer Maid contains intuitive tools that allow you to hand pick issues that reduce the responsiveness of your system. Memory hogs are often the main cause of slow performance. You can utilize 360 Computer Maid's tools to find and remove these hogs so your computer can function to its maximum potential.

Prevent errors and crashes

Programs constantly crash and throw out error messages due to missing components and references. These errors can be extremely frustrating and disruptive. 360 Computer Maid recognizes the underlying causes of these problems and fixes them with lightening speed.

Simple. Smart. Powerful.

Smart technology tells you when it's time to clean your system.
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One-Click Optimizer
The robust One-Click Optimizer combines the power of four individual tools to quickly scan and optimize all aspects of your system. The modules of the One-Click Optimizer include the Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Organizer, Drive Sweeper and Privacy Optimizer. All of the modules include extremely flexible settings that allow you to control every aspect of how they operate.

The One-Click Optimizer even carries a weekly maintenance feature that allows you to schedule scans even when you're not using your system! It doesn't get any easier to maintain a happy system!
Registry Cleaner
The Registry Cleaner is the first of four tools included in the One-Click Optimizer. It uses smart technology to determine redundant and invalid entries that commonly cause errors and crashes.

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning the registry can only improve your system. But for any of those still in disbelief, the Registry Cleaner carries a backup feature that safely creates backups of your registry before making changes. A clean and organized Windows registry is a happy one.
Shortcut Organizer
The Shortcut Organizer is the second tool included in the One-Click Optimizer. It is a small but powerful tool that intelligently scans your system for invalid shortcuts often left behind from uninstalling software, moving files or using external drives.
Drive Sweeper
The Drive Sweeper is the third of the four tools included in the One-Click Optimizer. It's main functionality is to create free disk space on your system. This powerful module makes finding and removing space-hogging junk files easier than ever.
Privacy Optimizer
The Privacy Optimizer is the last of the tools included in the One-Click Optimizer. It's designed to help you maintain your privacy. It supports all major web browsers and over 12 other applications, allowing you to easily clear all sorts of history and logs that retain private information about your activities. The Privacy Optimizer also supports the removal of Windows logs, search history and other items.
System Information
The System Information utility allows you to discover your system's most inner details. It contains information on software, hardware and everything in between. Specifically, you can view information on: Windows, network adapters, network connections, processor(s), motherboard, RAM, video card, sound card(s), BIOS, logical drive(s) and the Windows registry.
Software Manager
The Software Manager is a simple tool that allows you to manage all of the software installed on your system. You can use it to view extra details on software, fully uninstall them, or simply remove useless entries. This tool is great for finding and removing hefty applications that take up precious resources.
Task Manager
The Task Manager is a brilliant utility that allows you to manage all running processes on any given system. The superior functionality of this tool allows for easy removal of memory hogs, as well as in-depth analysis of any given process. The Task Manager also includes real-time RAM usage information.

The Task Manager also offers you an easy way to prioritize an individual task's importance on your processor. So instead of removing a memory hog, you can consider it as less of a priority on your system.
Service Manager
Although it's easy enough for a novice user to function, the Service Manager is a simply designed tool created for those who are more seasoned with Windows. The Service Manager allows you to easily manage all of the services on your system. You can stop, pause and start services, set their start modes, and even view extra details on them. You can use the Service Manager to remove insignificant services to ease strain on your system's resources.
Startup Manager
The Startup Manager is an ingenious tool that allows you to take absolute control over your system's startup. You can use the Startup Manager to enable & disable (toggle), delete, and even create new entries that start up with your system. You can also view in-depth details about your startup applications that may help you determine whether or not you want to keep them enabled. Improving your system's bootup speed has never been easier!
Registry Defragmenter
The Registry Defragmenter is a very straight-forward tool that allows you to easily defrag the Windows registry in two basic steps, even if you're a novice user. Defagging the Windows registry can improve system bootup speed, decrease registry read/write times and even create free disk space!

The tool allows you to first analyze the registry, generating a simple yet detailed report regarding the analysis. You are then given a recommendation as to whether or not you need to defrag. Finally, you're given the option to defrag the registry. It's actually quite simple! Keeping your registry defragged is key to maintaining a healthy system.
File Eraser
The File Eraser is a terrific tool that easily allows you to permanently erase files and folders from your system! You may think "why does it matter if I use this or just throw it in the recycle bin?" Well, it's quite simple. When using Windows to delete your files, fragments of the files are still stored and recoverable for a period of time afterwards. That's how those file recovery tools work. Using 360 Computer Maid's File Eraser allows for the immediate discarding of any imported files or folders, leaving them utterly unrecoverable by any utilities.
Rescue Center
The Rescue Center is a central location that contains a slew of utilities to create, delete and view backups of both your entire system, and just your registry. You can use the Rescue Center to recover changes made to the registry by 360 Computer Maid. The Rescue Center also allows for full control over already existing system restore points (backups).
The Statistics tool records interesting facts about your usage of 360 Computer Maid. It records the total amount of files cleared, space cleared, registry errors fixed, load count, installation date, last load and last load time.

Free up valuable resources

You might not see it, but useless files can take up huge amounts of space on your system. These file clusters, if not managed, will grow like weeds and bog down your system. 360 Computer Maid automatically destroys these junk files to free up space on your drives, giving your system some room to breathe!

Protect online privacy

What you do on your computer should be nobody's business, right? Unfortunately, your system stores all sorts of logs and history files that remain on your system indefinitely and are easily retrieved. 360 Computer Maid hunts down and obliterates these files, permanently! Support is included for all major web browsers and tons of other applications!
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