Installing Computer Maid

In this guide we will walk you through the 8 steps required to successfully install 360 Computer Maid onto your system.
1. If you have not already downloaded 360 Computer Maid, click here to download it.
2. Once you've downloaded it you must open it -- you will automatically be asked to provide administrative rights, please do so.
3. Once the main window has shown up you should see the following:

(Upon clicking "Get Started", your system will automatically be checked for the system requirements)

4. Shortly after clicking "Get Started" the following window should appear:

5. You must agree to the presented EULA to proceed with installation of the software. If you do not agree, please do not install the software.
6. Upon checking the agreement box and clicking "Next", you will be shown the following window:

7. After checking over the advanced options (which we recommend you don't touch), you can click "Install Now" and the latest version of the software will automatically be downloaded and installed onto your system.
8. Following #7, you will see the window below that shows the progress of the installation:

360 Computer Maid is now fully installed on your system! You will now be able to open the software from your desktop!

If you have encountered any mishaps or were unable to successfully follow this guide, please contact us! We would be glad to hear from you.
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